Charge cards

Swipe and charge with the free EVBox Charge Card! Our charge cards give you access to all public charging stations in The Netherlands and within our network abroad. Request one below.

EVBox Charge Cards are the key to every charging station at home, on the go, and even abroad. That’s why we’ve made our charge cards and key fobs free of charge for everyone!

Start and stop each charging session with just a simple swipe of the EVBox Charge Card. On top of that, our charge cards register and process your charging sessions for automatic monthly billing. Zero effort, full experience.

In addition to your own charging station(s), our charge cards can give you access to green power on all public charging points in Europe, and to all charging points within the EVBox network abroad. Activate this service with a subscription of £2 per month (excl. VAT).

With the purchase of an EVBox charging station, you will receive 1 free EVBox Charge Card by default. Upon request, we deliver custom branded charge cards and key fobs for orders above 100 pieces.

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There are over 20,000 public charging points across The Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries.